CB1K Call blocker



  • Hundreds of Pre-loaded Scam Numbers - We Did the Heavy Lifting So You Can Have Peace Of Mind!
  • Up to 250 additional Nuisance Numbers can be blocked
  • BLOCK Button hangs up on call and blocks number
  • Call List:  View and edit the list of phone numbers who have called you
  • Block List:  View and edit the list of phone numbers on the Block List
  • 3" diagonal display
  • Requires existing landline service with Caller ID

Protect Yourself Against Robocalls and Scam Calls

The CB1K puts you in control of your privacy and makes your home phone useful again!

Wave Goodbye to Telemarketers and Spammers

Answered the phone and it is not who you expected?  Hit the 'BLOCK' button and the caller will never get through to your phone again!  

We Did The Hard Work Up Front - Hundreds Of The WORST Nuisance and Robocallers are preloaded into the CB1K

Simple to set up, just plug the device into you home phone line and connect your home phone to the device with the included telephone line cable and you will bring back serenity to your home!

Support Alzheimer's Disease Research

We have seen the devastating effect of Alzheimer's Disease first hand.  10% of all Taggpoint, LLC. profits are donated to Alzheimer's research.  You are not only fighting robocallers, you are also helping find a cure!

Lifetime Customer Service and Support

Have a question?  Call our friendly Customer Support team for live technical support!