About Us

Taggpoint, LLC

Taggpoint LLC was born in the United States of America in 2013 out of a need to block robocalls, scam calls and fraud calls that are plaguing the country.  Taggpoing LLC is the only US-based company to address robocalls and spam calls with a device preloaded with known robocall numbers.

Robocalls and scam/spam/fraud calls are the #1 problem in telecom.  

We have developed an effective, simple and low-cost robocall blocking solution that ensures you and your loved ones have protection against these nuisance calls.

Global Problem - Local Solution

Robocalls, scam calls and fraud calls are a global problem. Taggpoint Call Blocker solutions not only work in the USA, but also in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia!

Helping Seniors - and Everyone

10% of Taggpoint LLC profits are donated to fight Alzheimer's Disease.  We have personally seen the devastating effects of this awful disease and pray for the day when a cure is found.  Until then, Taggpoint will help fund research for a cure.

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