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We Hate Robocalls!


The CB1K Call Blocker was born out of a needed solution to block Robocalls and Scam Calls that plagued our home phones as well as the home phone of everyone with whom we spoke. Proving a simple, low cost, effective blocking solution that never becomes obsolete has always been at the forefront of its creation.


CB1K Call Blocker - Global Blocker, Local Focus


We are constantly looking at new ways that CB1K Call Blocker can provide assistance to stopping the ever-growing problem of scam calls. The CB1K has 1000 of the worst robocall phone numbers preloaded onto the device to ensure that CB1K Call Blocker is always one step ahead in blocking fraudsters, scammers and robocalls!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Comes preloaded with 1,000 of the worst reported nuisance callers!
  • Block an additional 500 unwanted calls at the touch of the Blacklist button.  
  • Free shipping on all orders!
  • Easy to manage your call list and block list.
  • Can block calls from a specific Area Code or calls with no Caller ID.
  • Simple and hassle free set-up!
  • 10% of Taggpoint profits go to support Alzheimer's research.

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